Manufacturing Procurement & Assembly Processes with Mobility 

Eontes’ services for Aras MPP enable organizations to connect engineering design parts with physical parts, and exploit the power of mobility across physical part procurement, physical part assembly, and system integration. Eontes’ solutions enable organizations to leverage Aras Innovator & MPP on a mobile device during manufacturing execution. Eontes’ services enhanced Aras MPP to broaden and advance the Digital Thread to allow companies to provide flexible access to Aras Innovator while working on the assembly line and shop floor for more efficiency, quality, and value.

Take EBOMs to ABOMs with Dynamic Mobility

The EBOM to MBOM transition can be complex.  Defining the As-Built configuration (ABOM) tends to be challenging to define, error-prone, and hard to maintain. With Eontes’ services for Aras MPP enhancements, companies can smoothly move from EBOM to ABOM with the robust features that leverage the EBOM to develop the MBOM and create, validate or update the ABOM.

The key is simplifying EBOM to MBOM to ABOM reconciliation and validation with Eontes’ services for Aras MPP. 

Key features provided include:  

  • Operations definition
  • Assembly steps
  • Manufacturing execution 
  • Record keeping
  • Configuration definition
  • Maintenance
  • Technical data packaging
  • Mobility

“Since MPP is built on the Aras Innovator platform it shares the same flexible data model as other applications. By referencing the EBOM, change impacts can be identified and managed. Version control can be enabled on MBOM, process plans, work instructions, and other items, improving digital thread traceability across the lifecycle.”

Source: CIMData

Eontes’ connected mobility application ensures that your system parts, shop floor instructions, and the system build are in sync with the engineering design.

Mobility Features:

  • Empower technicians to roam the assembly floor and access immediate real-time product information in Aras.
  • Visualize the assembly specifications related to each MBOM during the build process.
  • Simplify and streamline integration between execution deviations and follow-on required design changes.
  • Transparency and traceability capabilities to compare ABOM to the EBOM/MBOM to quickly discern the differences between the assembled configuration versus the other configurations.
  • Support validation and traceability with the Aras technical data package export capabilities accompanying the final assembly.
  •  Portability to any mobile operating system; iOS, Android, Windows.

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