Eontes’ services and solutions accelerate go-to-market and optimize bottom-line efficiencies.


Driving Digital

Transforming a company's core processes with digital technologies ensures that the company stays competitive and continues to innovate new and profitable products. By leveraging digitalization, businesses will further their ability to meet changing business and market requirements while enhancing customer experiences.

Connecting Physical

Linking the treasure trove of analytic data generated by industrial equipment presents the opportunity to transform business models and create new revenue streams. Plus, by associating the physical world to the digital realm, the product value chain is optimized even more.

Reaping Value

Market wins are assured by rapid innovation, recovering investment costs, and maximizing profit margins. Linking digital modernization to physical assets and processes can result in a unique, competitive edge that is the basis for a healthy, sustainable business. The results will be apparent in the bottom line – whether at the department or the company level.

About Eontes

Eontes® is a minority-owned firm working with clients in areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses.

Drawing from digitalization expertise, key technical partnerships, and an offshore delivery network, Eontes provides management consulting in Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Optimization, and Product Lifecycle Management.

Product Lifecycle

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The Eontes Way

Highly complex solutions, in particular, require the perspective of keeping the big picture in mind.

Focusing on the whole system while creating a roadmap speeds the successful realization of integrated digital systems. Eontes employs a structured systems-engineering approach that concentrates on the complete solution and the measurable business value sought by companies seeking to minimize risk. Once a digital solution is performing in a business environment, the value gained is verified with any monetary goals set forth for the digital program.

Industries Served

Aerospace &








Market Development

Product Strategy

Portfolio Analysis

Product Management

Value Articulation

Digitalization/Digital Transformation

Program/Project Management

Organizational Change Management

Metrics Management

Agile Governance

Product Development

Global Engineering Services

Systems Engineering

Design and Development

Requirements Management

Testing and Certification

Smart Manufacturing

Global Procurement

Supply Chain Rationalization

Process Optimization

RFID Asset Management
Service & Support

Maintenance Repair Operations

Technical Data Package

Reverse Logistics


Digital Solutions






Why Eontes?

These Testimonials Say It All

"Eontes is quick to help solve tough problems with their expertise in product lifecycle cost management. Eontes quickly identified opportunities to leverage our capabilities and a redirect in focus from internal capabilities to adding profit measured value to our clients."

"Eontes develops a value engineering program with their clients, and I would strongly recommend Eontes to anyone who values a true thought partner. Eontes always had the client's best interests in mind, and they attacked their problems as if they were their own."

"Eontes has excellent communication across the company’s operations. They kept the team apprised of the challenges, direction and has top leader’s thinking regarding the progress and impact of each function of PLM."

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