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Want to learn about Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) business strategies, how to unlock the benefits of model-based digital data, and how to transform your core processes?

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We’ll walk you through the theory, real-life examples, and what the Digital2Physical2Value journey might look like in your organization. Along the way we may touch upon many topics including processes, tangible engineering, and business systems, IT infrastructure, organizational change management (OCM), project security, delivery methods and controls, project management, and required resources to realize a MBE.

Most of our customers start with a Discovery

The pursuit of an MBE environment is a business strategy, and to successfully realize this objective, there must be a clear understanding of the people's responsibilities, product information, process relationships, and the asset technology in place and required throughout a company.  Once this is understood, then a transformation plan is created and followed to form the MBE.

Gap analysis, or otherwise termed discovery, is an opportunity for Eontes to understand high-value areas concerning the MBE.  Eontes interviews business experts in your company to investigate target areas that require further exploration to identify needs, wants, and wishes.  The discovery will create internal alignment on many topics with the priority on the requirements for creating the desired MBE capabilities by:

  • Identifying, capturing, and approving requirements
  • Analyzing, creating, and possibly reengineering targeted processes
  • Determining potential benefits, defining metrics for tracking, and identifying associated issues
  • Defining MBE implementation strategy and related MBE deployment Statement of Work (SoW)
  • Estimate the implementation effort for defined MBE

This sounds complex but Eontes walks you step-by-step through the process.

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