Aras Systems Integrator Partner

Eontes is proud to be a Systems Integrator Partner for Aras Corporation's Innovator product lifecycle management (PLM) platform. Aras Innovator is a leading PLM platform positioned as the backbone for optimizing the entire product value chain. Eontes' portfolio of services compliments the Aras Innovator platform, which as a whole, delivers bottom-line benefits to an organization's digital transformation initiative.


Innovation — products, processes, organization structure, business models — is the most critical challenge CEOs face, and technology is the number-one enabler to accelerate that innovation. Digital transformation programs necessitate a resilient PLM platform and a systems integrator versed in the latest technologies and methods to deliver the results. At Eontes', we emphasize the need to focus on the holistic Digital Thread and Digital Twin by integrating the digital domain to the physical world and, ultimately, the benefits offered by doing so – we call this "Digital2Physical2Value™."

Organizations benefit by adopting a model-based philosophy where information is digital and is used throughout the enterprise. In turn, they maximize their competitive advantage by speeding innovation, increasing operating efficiencies, and delighting their customers with products that meet their needs. A PLM platform manages the underlying technical infrastructure, "backbone," in a model-based environment. At the same time, its capabilities facilitate collaboration in product design and development: from ideation, analysis, design, build, test, and field support - operation and maintenance - supporting the entire value chain of a product throughout its lifecycle.

Model-Based Initiative Essentials

  • Business strategy to maximize the use of digital data
  • Leverage a PLM platform to manage intellectual property (IP)
  • Connect IP to the product value chain
  • Systems-level requirements capture, validation, and traceability
  • Expertise in model-based development, technology, and agile methods

At Eontes, we understand that companies operate in complex structures managed by an amalgam system of systems.  Drawing from our vast expertise, key technical partnerships, and an offshore delivery network, we inspire our clients to embrace the possibilities by adopting a PLM platform or broadening their present PLM framework.

Model Based Engineering

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