What’s in a Manufacturing Process Plan using ARAS?


As an Aras Innovator system integrator, we help you weave the Digital Thread of information to help you manage the transition from design and development to manufacturing process planning. A Manufacturing Process Planning application is a well-connected to the engineering Bill of Materials and broader Digital Thread of information managed by Aras, while providing its own set of functionality unique to the needs of manufacturing.

Flexible Processes 

Manufacturing planning typically requires restructuring the engineering bill of materials to accommodate manufacturing realities. Certain assemblies will be made in-house; others will be bought and used in a manufacturing process as-is; and still others will be assembled from both made and purchased parts.  One process plan must be able to reflect each unique case while accommodating the others, and, ultimately, bring all of the different methods used throughout the manufacturing process together into one, complete plan.  

In Aras Innovator, the Manufacturing Process Planning application offers a hierarchical structure, where child-level process plans can be authored and reused across one or more parent-level process plans. This offers consistency and reuse for parts that are made or assembled the same way but reused across multiple products. It also means that there’s just one, consolidated source to change and update a child process plan when it needs to be adjusted – rather than repeating the change wherever the part is reused – creating efficiencies and boosting quality to help improve the manufacturing process overall.  

New Relationships 

Parts under design and development have a completely different set of relationships from the processes used to manufacture them. Processes include multiple parts from engineering or sourcing, together with new, manufacturing-only information required to create each assembly: manufacturing resources, skills, tools, and machines. Building each process requires the steps – in order – to complete it, the parts used throughout the steps, the tools needed for assembly, and any specialized machinery or skills required.   •Each of these elements – resources, skills, tools, and machines – are managed in the Aras Manufacturing Process Planning application, which leverages libraries of tools, machinery, skills, and resources, and makes it easy to “drag and drop” the ones that are needed into each process plan operation. Managing all of these manufacturing resources centrally promotes reuse with one, single source for changes. This, combined with the ease of “drag and drop” process plan building, makes the application intuitive to use while promoting efficiency and consistency across all manufacturing processes. 

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