Bridging the Handoff from Engineering to Manufacturing


Manufacturers of discrete products experience complexity and a lack of transparency from product design to assembly/build. However, the handoff between the engineering and manufacturing teams can be fraught with miscommunication.

Your manufacturing team needs robust data about the product: 3D model, parts list, and step-by-step assembly instructions.

Without a robust and accurate handoff, challenges proliferate:

  • Assembly errors
  • Uncaptured changes during manufacturing
  • Incomplete data model
  • Inaccurate MBOM and ABOM
  • Disconnected product development process
  • Decreased efficiency
  • Slowed productivity

Enter the digital thread.

With a digital thread, information flows smoothly from one department to the next, from one team to the next. Communication is clear, and understanding is optimized.

Importantly, changes are captured. The digital thread enables the smooth handoff and provides transparency. The digital thread—and its product, the digital twin—supports workers and products across the entire value chain.

More mature than a 3D model, the digital twin incorporates the real-world physical product. When done effectively, the digital twin becomes the authoritative data model, with a consistent reliance or “linking” of the data throughout the product value chain.

Eontes supports the digital thread and digital twin as an Aras Systems Integrator Partner. Our exclusive enhancements to Aras Innovator are in the Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) module. We’ve added capabilities that bridge the handoff from engineering to manufacturing:

  • Structured assembly operations
  • Synchronized part data
  • Automated EBOM, MBOM, ABOM
  • Automated technical data package

Eontes also added mobile functionality, enabling users to use Aras Innovator on their tablet. They can roam assembly areas, take photos and videos, and maintain their connection to the digital thread.

How are you bridging the handoff from engineering to manufacturing? If your data stays in legacy silos or you’d like to get more out of Aras Innovator, let us know. We can help you build the necessary bridges.

Tell us about your needs. Schedule a one-hour free consultation to learn more about digital transformation.


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