Eontes: A Name for the Future of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Companies


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Eontes, a minority-owned company, is at the forefront of this movement, providing exceptional product lifecycle management services and product development expertise.

A Story of Innovation

The story behind Eontes is one of passion and innovation. Our founder, an experienced engineer, recognized the need for comprehensive solutions that would enable manufacturing companies to undergo a digital transformation. Eontes, established in July 2016 by Michael Flores, was born out of his extensive expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and digital transformation.

Breaking Down the Name: Eontes


Our name, Eontes, reflects our mission to assist manufacturing companies with seamless integrations and solutions. The “EON” in our name represents the convergence of cutting-edge next-gen technology that drive innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing sector. Just as “EON” signifies a new era, we aim to usher in a new era of transformative technological solutions for our clients.

With our dedicated team of experts and a commitment to excellence, we strive to empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By providing tailored solutions and unparalleled support, we enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals.

The second part of our name, “TES“, represents our commitment to providing Transformation Enterprise Solutions (TES). We are dedicated to revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with unwavering focus on helping manufacturing companies thrive by offering comprehensive and innovative solutions. Through TES, we aim to streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and drive growth for our valued partners. With our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we are poised to empower manufacturing companies to overcome challenges and achieve unprecedented success in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

Eontes empowers businesses to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences. Thus, in an era marked by rapid technological change, our brand stands as a beacon guiding businesses towards a future of sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Empowering Digital Transformation

Eontes distinguishes itself as a Small Disadvantaged Business (with HUBZone HQ), specializing in furnishing transformative services and solutions. We excel in product engineering, manufacturing execution, and sustenance and support. Collaborating with diverse PLM vendors, Eontes holds the esteemed role of a Systems Integration Partner for the Aras Innovator® application. Our offerings synergize seamlessly with Aras Innovator, collectively bestowing significant advantages on your organization’s digital transformation endeavor in terms of enhanced operational performance and improved financial outcomes.

At Eontes, we play a crucial role in your digital transformation journey. By offering business transformation and technology services, we assist organizations in optimizing their entire product value chain. Our expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and PLM platforms to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and drive efficiency.

Valuing Our Partnership With Aras System

As a partner of Aras System, we align our portfolio of services with the innovative Aras Innovator platform. This partnership allows us to provide tailored solutions that complement and optimize the PLM capabilities of Aras Innovator. Together, Eontes and Aras System enable organizations to unlock the full potential of their product development and lifecycle management processes.

The Future of Eontes

Collaborating with Eontes allows us to derive enhanced business value from our digital strategies. We stand out in our ability to streamline complex ecosystems, facilitating heightened clarity and connectivity at the intersection of the digital landscape and the physical realm. This synthesis enhances our client value, profitability, efficiency, and quality and encapsulates our distinctive paradigm, aptly named Digital2Physical2Value®. 

We envision a future where Digital2Physical2Value™ becomes the standard for product development services. As technology continues to advance, the role of PLM platforms becomes increasingly critical in bridging the gap between digital design and physical manufacturing. We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving this transformational journey, unlocking new value and driving innovation.

We have already witnessed remarkable success in our pursuit of Digital2Physical2Value™. Through our expertise and dedication, we have helped numerous clients streamline their product development processes, reduce time-to-market, and enhance overall efficiency. These success stories serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to driving digital transformation.

Revolutionizing Product Engineering

Pioneering innovation, we also provide outstanding product engineering services (PES), covering the hardware, electrical, mechanical, and embedded software domains. Anchored in our vast industry know-how and mastery of contemporary product development methodologies, we create products to integrate cutting-edge technology from our PES offerings. Eontes’ comprehensive approach expedites every facet of product development, ensuring rapid and triumphant market introductions. With a global engineering talent pool, we transform ideas into reality, making Eontes a dynamic force in shaping the future of product engineering. 

Strengthening ARAS Capabilities through Collaboration with FFRDC

The company’s distinctive approach emphasizes transparency, efficiency, and business-centric methodologies, all aided by cutting-edge tools that facilitate realizing digital transformation strategies and adopting asset management platforms. A recent undertaking by Eontes involved collaboration with a prominent Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) to elevate the capabilities of Aras Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP). 

The FFRDC sought structured digital work instructions and synchronized physical asset data for the digital twin, fostering the progression of their digital thread. With our enhancements to Aras MPP, the FFRDC could fully harness the application’s value from the functionalities crafted by Eontes. In a parallel effort, Eontes’ introduction of a companion mobile application aimed at offering the FFRDC flexible access to digital content brought enhancements in user-friendliness across various workspaces, providing significant benefits. 


At Eontes, we are rewriting the rules of digital transformation, empowering manufacturing companies to embrace cutting-edge technologies and unlock our true potential. With our comprehensive portfolio of services, strategic partnerships, and forward-thinking approach, I believe Eontes is poised to lead the way toward a future where innovation knows no bounds. Partner with Eontes on this transformative journey and let us help you move ahead in the digital era. Explore how we, as a leader in digital transformation, empower manufacturing companies like yours to innovate and grow. Learn about our approach, strategic partnerships, and success stories in driving Digital2Physical2Value™ transformations. Join us in a journey towards a future where innovation knows no bounds.Follow Eontes on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and learn more about our capabilities at www.eontes.com.


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